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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marijuana Quick Pot Butter Cookies... By Diva SisterFace... Lemon Zest R...

Awesome Quick Pot Butter Cookies 
Orange & Lemon Zest Chocolate Chip M&M Marijuana Butter Cookies

Great For Marijuana Medicinal Patients & Newbies Learning How To Use Your Harvested Butter For Cooking. Great for Body Pain, Sever Headaches, Nerves, Sleep Aid, Makes You Hungry For People Who Can't Get Appetites, Helps You Less Rely On Certain Pain Meds & Scrips... Great For Travel When Can't Smoke Just Start With 2 Cookies & Wait 1/2 Then Go from There. You Should Need No More Then 3 Cookies For Relieve... I'll Be Posting A Pot Butter Recipe Soon Or Just Look Up Pot Butter Recipe On YouTube, You'll Find Many Awesome Ones & Easy. Hoping You All Enjoy Me Rambling Along & Making Some Fun... Much Alohas & Sorry Been Gone Awhile I'm Back Here To Educate & Have Some Great Fun Learning Myself Along The Way... Aloha Nui, HRHSF